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Warning! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, turn back now… for not even going back in time will save you here.

In their latest video, GameXplain showcases Duma’s Ordeals, the amiibo dungeon that unlocks once you scan Alm’s amiibo into your game. Don’t worry about Celica — her amiibo is tied to another dungeon, dubbed Mila’s Ordeals.

Despite Alm being tied to Duma’s Ordeals, the team used to tackle the challenge was lead by Celica. Her team included seven other characters and consisted of the Mage, Sniper, Myrmidon, Knight, Priestess and Cleric classes.

At first, you’ll start off in an exploration mode, controlling Celica (in this example) throughout the map. When an enemy is found, the encounter switches to the classic turn-based map reminiscent of previous Fire Emblem games.

From there, the standard turns and exchanging blows will occur. The bottom screen on your 3DS/2DS will display the stats and necessary information of any character selected, including beautiful key art portraits. No longer do we have to hope for a critical hit to have it grace our screens!

Once a battle is completed, a summary screen appears. At least one character will make a comment about his or her performance before bonus experience points are handed out. The bonus XP looks to be based off the total XP each character earned during the battle, giving those who did the heavy lifting a nice boost.

A new mechanic was also shown off: Mila’s Turnwheel. If a mistake is made or you want to implement a different strategy, you’ll be able to go back at least one turn and make the necessary arrangements. Less “L + R + Start” soft resets for those tough situations!

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia releases in North America and Europe on May 19th, with an Australian release on May 20th.

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