Sega close to making Dreamcast games work on Switch

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, Retro, Switch

When Sega announced its Sega Ages program, which is slowly but surely bringing classic games from their back catalog to the Switch, it was hinted that Sega Dreamcast games would eventually be part of the line-up. Personally, I wasn’t too confident in it coming to fruition, but it turns out…

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Celebrating 20 years of Pokémon in North America

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: Retro, Videos

On September 28th, 1998, a phenomenon was born in North America with the launch of Pokémon Red & Blue. While the Pokémon Company as a whole celebrated the 20th anniversary back in 2016 to coincide with the Japanese release window, we felt it was worth reflecting on the franchise’s history…

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Impressions: Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle on Switch

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Retro, Switch

Before I ever owned a home console, arcades were where my interest in games truly started, with more quarters spent than I’d ever want to sit and count. Within those hallowed grounds of lights and sounds two types of games managed to wring the most out of me: fighting games…

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Luigi’s Mansion in 3D? It’s older than you think!

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: Retro

In just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to experience Luigi’s original mansion adventure on the 3DS. When the port was announced back in March, I was jumping for joy for a few reasons. The most obvious is that Luigi’s Mansion is my favorite game of all time, but…

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Custom Robo trademark expires

Author: Bryan Finch
Categories: News, Retro

While nowhere near one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, I loved the two Custom Robo games that made their way to the West. Custom Robo on the GameCube and Custom Robo Arena on the Nintendo DS were both delightful titles that had a unique mix of RPG stories and mechanics…

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