Badge Arcade News: 12/6/16

Categories: 3DS

Super Mario Bros. 3 takes center stage today in the Badge Arcade! From skeletal Koopas to fashion savvy Goombas, check out everything that’s new below:   Free play? Nope, no 1-Ups for you today. Practice catcher: Two more Mega Man catchers are beaming out of the Arcade tomorrow, so be…

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Mii V Mii: Season 2 – Fight 33

Author: TJ Cencula
Categories: Videos, Wii U

The time has arrived! Fight 33 of Season 2 is here. Watch the Golden Gunners, the Silver Swordsmen and the Bronze Brawlers duke it out in the latest battle. Check out the fight below! Help support Mii V Mii on the MiiTJ Patreon.

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Charmander plush coming to Build-A-Bear

Categories: Merchandise, News

Both Pikachu and Eevee have gotten the esteemed Build-A-Bear treatment over the past year, and it looks like Pokémon is going to be pushing out a third plush option before the year ends. That’s right, Charmander is coming to Build-A-Bear. While it’s upsetting that, once again, the remaining two Kanto…

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New trailer shows off Empoleon in Pokkén Tournament

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News

Japanese arcades will soon be seeing another new fighter make their way to Pokkén Tournament. Just in time for winter, it’s the Emperor Pokémon, Empoleon! Officially announced last week, a high quality trailer has now been uploaded by Bandai Namco giving us a look at the Sinnoh starter in full….

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