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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has released early in some regions, and like the island sun rises and sets, leakers have begun datamining the game and pulling it apart; consequently, the game’s entire soundtrack is being uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube account Luke Warner II has begun uploading tracks pulled from the game’s files starting with the game’s 24 hourly tunes.

There are plenty of hits here, including one of my new favorites — “6 P.M.,” which includes a nice accordion that evokes memories of Animal Crossing: Wild World and City Folk’s soundtrack.



Speaking of those games, a few K.K. songs have also been uploaded, including what’s being tentatively called “K.K. Wild World” — a K.K.-done rendition of Wild World and City Folk’s theme song.



This song joins “Forest Life,” a K.K. rendition of the original Animal Crossing for GameCube’s theme song added in Wild World, and “Welcome Horizons,” a K.K. rendition of New Horizons’ theme added in (surprise, surprise) New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches this Friday, March 20th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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