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Bandai Namco Europe continues to dole out love for the Tales of series, giving two more titles some 25th Anniversary attention. Among them is a title that’s likely most familiar for Switch fans – Tales of Vesperia. The game’s Definitive Edition recently surpassed one million copies sold worldwide, and a few days ago it received its own dedicated video for this series: 



Joining it today is a game that’s less known but no less welcome. Tales of Hearts was originally released on the Nintendo DS and marked one of the better handheld entries in the series. Though that version would never see localization, its eventual remake on PS Vita (which is what’s featured in this video) would. Tales of Hearts R loses some of the sprite-based charm, but attempted to capture the series’ more modern style on the more limited hardware. 



There are still a few more Tales of games to go in these 25th Anniversary videos, but you can check out the ones that have come before here: 



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Written by Ricky Berg

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