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Last week, the official Tales of Twitter began revisiting the series’ roots for its 25th Anniversary celebrations. This included celebrating the game that started it all, Tales of Phantasia, as well as Tales of Destiny and Tales of Eternia. They closed out the week (and this series of look-backs, for now) by showcasing a game that remains unlocalized yet frequently referenced, and a game that longtime fans in the west will be quite familiar with.



Tales of Destiny 2 was the first time a Tales game received a direct sequel, telling the story of Destiny’s protagonist’s son. It may not be the most remembered or even thought of games outside of Japan, but thanks to recurring boss Barbatos “No Items Ever!” Goetia it’s not going to be completely forgotten any time soon.



On the flip side, we have Tales of Symphonia. Perhaps the absolute most familiar Tales of title in the west, it was also the first 3D title in the series and marked a return to Nintendo consoles after Phantasia debuted on the Super Famicom. It remains beloved and recognizable, to the point its lead character Lloyd Irving has previously crossed over into Bandai Namco’s own Soul Calibur (via a spinoff) and been a Mii Fighter Costume in Super Smash Bros.

Look forward to more Tales of series celebration as we head into the new year!  


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Written by Ricky Berg

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