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We’re in the midst of the Tales of series’ 25th Anniversary year. Celebrations and announcements have mostly been out of Japan, but on social media, it’s a different story. The official Tales of Twitter (and the just-launched Instagram account) have been looking back at each game in the series one by one, day by day.


These take the form of books in a library, turning back the pages and reliving these RPGs. Little touches like the platforms the games have appeared on and quotes from the games make for cute and fitting flashbacks. The above shows the first of these, released 25 years to the day of Tales of Phantasia’s launch that started the whole series.



Tales of Destiny and Tales of Eternia follow, though sadly these have never found their way to Nintendo consoles. Destiny in particular is well worth experiencing, particularly its (sadly unlocalized) Director’s Cut on PS2. 

Look forward to more volumes of Tales of history from this 25-year library in the coming days.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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