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So, you’ve purchased your very own home in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. What’s next for a home-owning Hylian hero? How about assisting in the founding of an entire town? Lucky for you, Breath of the Wild features one of the biggest side quests in the history of the franchise that lets you do just that.

The side-quest titled “From the Ground Up” tasks Link to assemble a team that will help create a box-filled utopia called Tarrey Town. In order to begin the quest, make sure you purchase the home in Hateno Village first. You can find our handy guide providing you with the steps you’ll need to complete it here.


“From the Ground Up” Part 1: Speak to Hudson



Once you’ve purchased your home, speak to Hudson, the man who resides behind your newly purchased home in Hateno Village. Hudson will confide in you that he’s ready to start working on a brand-new project located all the way in the Akkala region — and it’s there that your lengthy journey to build a whole town begins.



Once Hudson departs, you can start your journey by heading to the Akkala region, specifically on a small island located in the middle of Lake Akkala. The easiest way to get there is to warp to Akkala Tower or the Dah Hesho Shrine. Luckily, the new establishment is pretty easy to spot, as it’s a perfectly circular island with a lengthy bridge connecting it to the mainland with nothing else directly surrounding it.



Once you’ve located the spot that will eventually become Tarrey Town, find Hudson again and speak with him. Hudson will ask you for ten bundles of wood to get started on the new town. At this point, it’s up to you how you want to proceed. This side quest requires 110 bundles of wood in total, so you can choose to acquire all of this wood now, or just chop trees down little by little throughout the quest.


Head to the Southern Mine


“From the Ground Up” Part 2: Speak to Greyson


Once you hand over the ten bundles of wood, Hudson asks you to help locate someone to assist him in removing large boulders that are taking up space where he’d like to continue building. This sounds like the job for a Goron! Head over to the Southern Mine located near Death Mountain to find a Goron named Greyson. Greyson can be found sitting around a campfire at night in the Southern Mine. Speak to him to persuade him to make the life-changing move. After little convincing, Greyson along with his son, make the journey to their new lives in Tarrey Town.



“From the Ground Up” Part 3: Speak to Rhondson


Now that you’ve added Greyson to the team, head on back to Tarrey Town and speak with Hudson once again. Hudson will ask you for 20 bundles of wood. Hand over the wood and Hudson will ask you to help him find a new member for his team — this time, a tailor. Make the trip to the Kara Kara Bazaar to locate Rhondson who can be found sitting in an empty merchant stall.



Speak with Rhondson and convince her to start her life anew back in Tarrey Town. Just like Greyson, Rhondson agrees and makes her way to her new life.



“From the Ground Up” Part 4: Speak to Fyson


Head on back to Tarrey Town and speak with Hudson. Surprise, surprise; this time Hudson requires 30 bundles of wood to continue construction on the town. Fork over the wood to continue the town’s development. Speak with Hudson again and he will let you know that the town is in desperate need of a salesman. Warp to Rito Village to start your search.



Located on first floor of the village is Fyson. Speak with him and let him know about the wonder and majesty of Tarrey Town. Just like the others before him, Fyson is more than willing to make the trip, and he takes off for Tarrey Town right away.



“From the Ground Up” Part 5: Speak to Kapson


Warp back to Tarrey Town and speak with Hudson yet again. Now Hudson is really desperate for wood and asks you to pick up 50 bundles for him. Once you hand over the wood (thankfully, for the last time), Hudson confesses his love for the town’s new tailor, Rhondson. But in order to marry one another, they first need a priest. Link not being one to ignore true love sets off to Zora’s Domain to find the retired priest, Kapson.



Kapson is loacted in the middle of Zora’s Domain and is notably wearing a yellow scarf. He’s generally pretty easy to spot, as he appears old and hunched over. Speak to Kapson and he’ll confess that he misses marrying couples and wants to get back into the profession. Fortune is on his side because we have just the job for him! After telling Kapson about the couple in need of a priest in Tarrey Town, he heads off without a fuss. Travel back to Tarrey Town and speak with Hudson.



So, in the end, you’ve help build an entire town and brought two lovebirds together. And just when you think your job is done…


“From the Ground Up” Part 6: Speak to Bolson


Hudson, being too busy with wedding preparations, asks you to invite some guests to the ceremony. Head back to your home in Hateno Village and speak to Bolson — who’s sitting by a fire outside of your house. Bolson is ecstatic to hear the news and rushes off to Tarrey Town to take part in the ceremony.

One last time, head back to Tarrey Town and watch the magic of matrimony unfold before your eyes. The quest is done once the nuptials are completed, and you’re rewarded with three shiny diamonds for your trouble.

While the diamonds are a nice prize, the real reward comes with the merchants who now reside in the newly built town. You can find an amazing selection of arrows and armor scattered throughout Tarrey Town.

One of the best merchants in the entire game also happens to have settled here: Granté can be found on the roof of one of the houses right next to the town’s entrance. Granté sells the incredible Barbarian Armor, along with the Hylian Shield. Keep in mind, though: his wares are expensive, so have an ample supply of Rupees ready!



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