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Please note that the last video guide showing where the fourth Great Fairy can be found will be added to this article in the near future.

There are many elements within the Zelda series that truly represent the lore fans have come to cherish over the decades, and today we’ll be covering one of our favorites: the Great Fairies. Best known for providing Link with items and the gift of life, the Great Fairies in Breath of the Wild bless Link with upgrades to his armor in both item effects and defense. In exchange for different sums of Rupees the fairies ask for as “donations,” you’ll be able to strengthen Link for battles, large and small.

There are four locations scattered throughout kingdom of Hyrule, and while they may take a little time to venture to, rest assured that the journeys are well worth it– for both the experience and the boost in armor stats. Boosting the stats is indicated by an additional star on the item’s description, and doing so will require certain materials (which will all vary depending on the armor). Every upgrade will earn you another star.

Below you’ll find information about how to locate each Great Fairy and the number of Rupees needed to “unlock” each one.

Great Fairy Cotera

Where to find her: Dueling Peaks, alongside Kakariko Village


Head to Kakariko Village and keep this in mind: You can kill two birds with one stone by accepting a mini quest from an elderly man in Kakariko Village. The quest will lead you right to the first Great Fairy, Cotera, who’s located not far from the village.

She’ll reach her hand out of a large, closed orange flower and ask for 100 Rupees without unveiling exactly what Link will receive in exchange. Give Cotera the Rupees and she’ll rise up out of the flower to properly introduce herself while offering to upgrade Link’s armor.

Great Fairy Kayasa

Where to find her: Piper Ridge in Tabantha Region


Kayasa is nestled between Totori Lake and Rito Village in the Tabantha Region. Simply climb Tabantha Tower, look down and locate a large green flower bud, and paraglide down to it.

Give Kayasa 500 Rupees to offer you upgrades for Link’s armor.

Great Fairy Mija

Where to find her: Lake Akkala in Akkala

Head northeast in the Akkala Region and walk along the lake until you’re east of Dah Hesho Shrine. The very distinct fairy flower is enclosed in orange, yellow and green trees.

Hand Mija 1,000 Rupees to receive the same offer to upgrade Link’s armor.

Great Fairy Tera

Where to find her: At the Great Gerudo Skeleton in the Gerudo Desert

To find Tera you need to journey into the Gerudo Desert, a terrain filled with severe climate changes during different times of the day. Heading southwest in the desert will bring you to a very large skeleton where the fourth Great Fairy, Tera, resides.

Before you journey out into the heat and cold of the desert though, make sure you bring foods/elixirs that will help build heat and cold resistances, materials for upgrades, and 10,000 Rupees– the offering you’ll give to Tera in exchange for upgrades.

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