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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is here at last and while you can run and jump your way through its courses as you like, there’s one collectible in particular that’s here to test your platforming prowess. We’re not talking about Cat Shines, either! Every course in the original game (and some extra challenges) offer up Green Stars for Mario and friends to gather up, and we’ve got the answers to some common questions for these celestial pick-ups. 


How many Green Stars are in Super Mario 3D World?


You’ll find 380 Green Stars throughout Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.


Where can I find Green Stars in Super Mario 3D World?



The majority of these are in each of the game’s courses. Every one of those has three Green Stars to find and collect. Aside from getting to the Flagpole at the end, consider finding all three your main goal in each stage! 

You’ll also find five Green Stars in each of Captain Toad’s Adventures. Hope you don’t miss jumping too much, because these six slower paced puzzles do account for about 10% of the game’s Green Stars. 

Enemy Battles are another place you’ll find Green Stars. These fortress-like roadblocks task you with some tough foes to fight against (like Chargin’ Chucks or different kinds of Magikoopas) in order to proceed. Along with the ability to proceed past, you’ll pick up one Green Star per Enemy Battle. 

Last but not least are Mystery Houses. These special areas have you taking on ten second challenges in each of their rooms, with Green Stars up for grabs. This might be clearing the room of all its enemies, or simply grabbing the Green Star after a little platforming. Every room in a Mystery House has a Green Star to earn, meaning these Houses can offer five, ten, or even thirty Green Stars at once!


How many Green Stars do I need to beat Super Mario 3D World?


If you aren’t focused on full completion, you won’t need to gather up every Green Star in the game. The last and highest threshold is 342 Green Stars of the game’s 380. These cut off points and how many Green Stars it takes to unlock them are:



What do I get for collecting every Green Star in Super Mario 3D World?


Getting every Green Star in the game will add a Star to your Save File. There are five to get in total, and aiming for every Green Star in the game will pave the way for four of them. The last will require you to get every Stamp (which requires you beat the game with every character) and clear every stage with a Golden Flag.


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