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Hands-on with Yarn Yoshi amiibo

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News, Wii U

We were lucky enough to go hands-on with the Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo at this year’s E3 event. Several things struck me when first laying eyes on the adorable pile of yarn. The Yarn Yoshi amiibo were much smaller than I initially expected. (Perhaps Nintendo only hires people with remarkably…

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Hi-res amiibo photos from the 2015 E3 floor

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News, News

The Nintendo Inquirer team has been busy gathering late-breaking news at E3 for the last two days. Up to this point, we’ve shared articles dedicated to providing in-depth information about upcoming releases. We thought it would be fun to switch gears a little and give Nintendo fans a more visual…

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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival announced

Categories: Amiibo News, News, Wii U

During its E3 Digital Event today, Nintendo announced Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, a party game spin-off of its popular community simulation franchise. In the title’s reveal video, Animal Crossing characters Tom Nook, Isabelle, Mabel and K.K. Slider are seen running around a Mario Party-esque board located in a classic Animal…

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Animal Crossing & 8-Bit Mario amiibo leak

Author: Jason Grier
Categories: 3DS, Amiibo News, News, Wii U

Nintendo España sent out a promotional email showing off the newly announced amiibo, and when doing so it unintentionally also included some images of unreleased amiibo. Whenever viewers shared the link via Facebook (or other social media outlets), the following images would pop up in the thumbnail preview screen. As you can…

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Amazon Import Price Tracker

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News

Wave 5 amiibo has officially released in Japan, which means the U.S. Amazon Marketplace is flooded with Japanese imports. We’re seeing the prices dropping already since they first appeared a few days ago. We’ll be tracking the links several times a day and updating you with the lowest prices. Happy hunting!…

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