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Just as many long-standing amiibo figures that were previously retail exclusives are showing up in other stores, upcoming soon-to-be-released amiibo seem to be getting the exclusivity tag instead. Showing up in a Toys “R” Us kiosk, as spotted by Twitter user @Phoenixback4fir, the Mii Fighters are prominently displayed with the “Only at Toys “R” Us” label on each one of them. Previously, we knew that the Mii Fighters only seemed to be showing up in this retailer’s system, but now we seem to have confirmation as to why that was.


It’s also interesting to note that Toys “R” Us is still labeling Greninja as an exclusive, which is technically accurate since that character– while appearing in Best Buy’s internal system– has yet to be officially sold anywhere else. No official word from the retailer as of yet.

Many thanks to the Toys for Games Cast for helping us get wind of this information!

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Written by Josh Brown

Being able to write about Nintendo is a dream come true for Joshua. While his family will always take precedent, his workaholic mindset and insomnia allow him all the time he needs for his hobbies in the wee hours of the night. He's also the co-host and producer of the Toys For Games 'Cast podcast.