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As reported by various sources last week, we can completely confirm the legitimacy of certain amiibo figures showing up in Best Buy systems. Previously available as exclusives to Toys ‘R’ Us and GameStop retailers, Greninja, Lucario and Shulk characters seem to no longer be exclusives; however, don’t run out and wait in line outside your local Best Buy locations quite yet.



As seen in the screenshots passed on to Nintendo Inquirer’s Amiibo News, the orders for these amiibo are labeled as “Not Carried by Loc[ation]” under the “Status” column for the figures. According to two different sources– one from the West Coast and one from the East Coast– this term typically references items that are sold online only. While it isn’t an absolute guarantee that we won’t see these three rare amiibo on store shelves, our sources feel very confident that these will only appear online as it stands now. We have no idea when they could go live on Best Buy’s website, but that’s half the fun with amiibo collecting anyway, right?

It’s also interesting to note that no Target exclusive amiibo have showed up in Best Buy’s internal system, and only two of the three figures haven’t appeared in other retailers’ systems. At this time, only Shulk has been spotted in the Toys ‘R’ Us system. What this means for other exclusives remains to be seen.

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Written by Josh Brown

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