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Review: Kamiko

Categories: Reviews, Switch

Games are a funny business. Sometimes we purchase AAA titles that we ditch after a few hours, and other times we find dinky little flash games that keep us up all night. Some lengthy experiences can feel empty and devoid of value, while shorter games can have a profound influence…

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Nintendo Switch’s screen as rated by Erica Griffin

Categories: 3DS, Switch

Erica Griffin (the technology nerd who likes to film stuff), recently reviewed the specifics of the Nintendo Switch screen. Plastic aside, the screen’s color displays are fantastic! Earlier this year, Erica documented her quest to have the perfect New 3DS unit, only to come across a myriad of issues: different…

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New ARMS footage shows Spring Man vs. Ninjara

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, Switch

Been wanting to see more of upcoming Switch exclusive ARMS in action? The official Japanese twitter account for the game (which is showing no signs of slowing down) has released a minute long gameplay clip focusing on a tussle between Spring Man and Ninjara. Give it a watch: それでは、スペシャルマッチをご覧ください!#Ninjara VS…

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