Detective Pikachu gets a short new trailer

Categories: Merchandise, News

On this wonderful Friday morning, Ryan Reynolds (Mr. Detective Pikachu himself) posted a new Pokémon: Detective Pikachu trailer on his social media accounts. It’s only a 30-second clip, perfect for commercials and ads, but don’t skip this one. There are a few new scenes mixed into this cut, and elaborating…

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Hellboy coming to Brawlhalla

Author: Bryan Finch
Categories: News, Switch

Indie Smash-esque games seem to be on a roll with guest characters lately. Brawlout just got a Dead Cells crossover, Shovel Knight is appearing in both Brawlout and Rivals of Aether, and now we have the Right Hand of Doom himself coming to Brawlhalla. Thanks to a deal between Ubisoft…

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Nippon Ichi Software begins a new countdown

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News

This year is already looking like a busy year for NIS (Nippon Ichi Software), both at home in Japan and abroad through the NIS America publishing branch. We’ve already seen a couple of big announcements these past few months, and it looks like another may be on the way. A…

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