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We’re only a couple of weeks and some change away from the release of AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, and Spike Chunsoft has released more details on four brand-new characters who will be coming to the game. While the characters were seen briefly in a recent trailer for the game, we now have proper introductions for them:



  • Tokiko: President of the Japanese branch of Naixatloz (a fake organization from the last game that is now apparently real), Tokiko believes in simulation theory, that the world is fake and that she needs to find the “seam” so she can tear it all down and liberate people from the simulation. 
  • Chikara: Director of the Horidori Institute of Genetics. He does research into DNA treatment and gene therapy, but a relation to the mysterious “Bats490 video” (which may be a reference to the ongoing Hidden Bats ARG) connected to the case may make him a target of ABIS investigation. 
  • Lien: An unemployed young man frequenting Matsushita Diner. Ryuki meets him as part of the investigation. He falls in love with Kizuna immediately and proposes on the spot. 
  • Masked Woman: A mysterious masked figure who appears to be a woman. Has slight Zero from Zero Escape vibes. Nothing else is known about them.


nirvanA Initiative releases June 24th. We’ll unravel all its mysteries come then. 





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