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I’m a friend of many talented artists, which is how I know that that stuff takes time. You can’t just paint the Mona Lisa in one go in one layer, after all — but maybe you’d be able to paint a Pikachu that quickly, if you’re a Pokémon fan artist, because y’all are FAST. Seriously, on the date a new trailer came out (June 1st) there was already quite a bit of fan art of the new Pokémon and human characters from Scarlet and Violet.

Which isn’t to say there hasn’t been even more high quality stuff over the past week, like handicraft plushies and other handicrafts and even animations:



In general, Lechonk especially seems to be a hit, with great love for its name, design, and inspiration. (Lechon is an extravagant Filipino roast pig dish.)



In general all the Pokémon got some love though. Like Pawmi:



And of course the adorable Smoliv:



And as mentioned even the human characters were a hit:



In general, you don’t have to look hard for extensive fan art of any given character, if you weren’t already flooded by a wave of them last week. More is sure to come the next time we get a shred of a new design. Pokémon Violet and Scarlet are due out November 18th.


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