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Tears of the Kingdom is destined to be remembered as one of those games that ages like a fine wine. In the past couple of weeks, fans have showcased their incredible ingenuity by crafting remarkable contraptions using various in-game resources. These creations range from a fully functional electric helicopter to an impressive replica of Breath of the Wild’s colossal Guardians. Long story short, Tears of the Kingdom is a massive playground for the creative. But even if you lack the will or skill to mess around with Zonai Devices, there are still loads of things you can create even the most basic materials. One of my personal favorite discoveries within the game is the frozen fish shield, a slippery invention that turns the game from adventure genre in to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.



Full disclaimer: I did not find this trick out on my own. I can thank Bear Gaming Asia and their amazing video above for that. But I can tell you I’ve tested it out and love every second of the trick. Simplify grab a fish of any kid or size, throw it on the ground, and shoot it with an ice arrow. After that, just fuse it to the shield of your choice. (Just make sure not to pick it up as it will go into you food storage.) Once the fish is firmly fused, you have a shield that’s able to slide quicker than anything I’ve seen in the game so far. The icy fish shield works on almost any terrain, too — and even gives you momentum on flat surfaces.

Have any ridiculous inventions you’ve created in Tears of the Kingdom? Shoot us a message on Twitter and let us know!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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