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With The Super Mario Bros. Movie only weeks away and Super Nintendo World now open to the public, Nintendo is riding high on the expansion of what its intellectual property can do outside of the video game market. Naturally, fans are wondering what’s next for this expansion of their IP, and Greg Keller of the Associated Press had a chance to find out during a recent interview with Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, asking him what other characters he’d like to develop new films or attractions around. Bowser remarked that as far as attractions go, it’s ultimately up to Universal Studios and Nintendo, but mentioned the upcoming Donkey Kong expansion to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, which will feature a new Donkey Kong roller coaster as its primary feature.



As for video projects, Bowser reiterated that while Nintendo has announced that other projects are being worked on, they are “not at the point where we want to talk about what these characters are.” We reported back in 2021 that Nintendo was “looking into” other animation projects and noted last year that copyright files for The Super Mario Bros. Movie revealed that “Nintendo Studios, LLC” and “M Brothers Productions, LLC,” both branches of Nintendo Co, Ltd., were parties involved with the production of the movie.

When asked if a “prestige streaming TV show” was next, Bowser replied that  he “won’t comment … regarding a streaming show. But it really is a reflection on this ability to share our IP with people well outside of the video game space.” I guess all we have in the realm of prestige Nintendo TV right now is Pedro Pascal’s gritty Mario Kart trailer for SNL, and it’s pretty good, so I won’t complain.

Don’t forget, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to premiere in a few weeks on April 5th, 2023, and if you can’t wait to get your non-video game Mario fix, you can visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood right now.



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