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Is there anything Pedro Pascal can’t do? He made waves as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, he ushered in an era of great live-action Star Wars TV in The Mandalorian, he’s currently playing Joel in HBO’s hit The Last of Us adaptation, and during the pandemic he could, hilariously, barely hold it together as the executor of Pierce Hawthorne’s will during a virtual table read with the cast of Community.

Saturday Night Live is the latest show to be graced by Pascal’s talented presence, as he hosted a raucous round of sketches where, again, he could barely hold it together. One of the standout sketches of the night, however, brought Pascal and the SNL cast into the gritty, gruesome world of… Mario Kart.

SNL’s take on HBO’s take on Mario Kart is nothing short of brilliance, with Pedro Pascal playing Mario with all the seriousness and gravitas that he’s brought to many other roles. Pascal’s Mario is hired to guide Princess Peach across a wasteland via go-kart to get her to Rainbow Road unharmed before Bowser, played by the wonderful Keenan Thompson, can capture her. Accompanied by Luigi and HBO’s “complex” (read: bisexual) take on Yoshi and Toad, Mario and his friends are in for a hell of a ride in this surprisingly well-crafted take on Mario Kart in the full sketch, which you can see below:



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Written by Jaxson Tapp

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