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In news that appears scintillating at a glance but is probably rather procedural, copyright files for the still-untitled animated Mario movie from Illumination and Universal has two new company names attached: “Nintendo Studios, LLC” and “M Brothers Productions, LLC,” both clearly branches of the main Nintendo Co. Ltd. back in Japan.



Now, it might be tempting to think this as the beginning of some sort of Nintendo Cinematic Universe, which, who knows, it may be, but this could just be bookkeeping. Companies who don’t normally produce movies make branches to work on film production fairly often. While Nintendo announced an internal initiative to develop “visual content” for 2023 and beyond, we don’t know any details for what’s to come after the upcoming movie, besides a supposed Donkey Kong spinoff currently in development. So we’ll have to see if Nintendo really is making a big move into TV and film in the next few years.

The Super Mario Bros. animated movie releases on April 7th, 2023. Stay tuned for more news, including a specific release date. 



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