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The special holiday House of Indies week is beginning to wind down, but there are still a ton more indie games wrapped under the tree. After three days of features, another four games are up today. Here, as always, is the lowdown:




  • Melatonin (Available Now) – A dream-based rhythm game, where you’ll execute a number of illogical and disconnected activities in rhythmic fashion. This Rhythm Heaven-like dreamscape has soft purple hues and soft edges to strike the perfect balance between ethereal and strange.
  • Afterimage (April 25th, 2023) – A gorgeous 2D action game set in a rich fantasy world that’s suffered a great cataclysm. As a young woman with flowing white hair, you’ll fence and pierce your way through scores of enemies as you try to determine the course this world will take. Make sure to watch the vid for this one, it’s beautiful in motion.
  • Smile For Me (Spring 2023) – Life got you down? Take a trip to the Habitat, a strange and abstract locale full of bizarre denizens. Cheer up your new friends, discover mysterious secrets lurking about, and unravel the happy facade of the locale in a quirkily menacing first person adventure.
  • Hyper Gunsport (Available Now) – Cyberpunk volleyball. With guns. If that doesn’t sell you, then maybe the variety of game modes, differing team roles (the keeper can’t move as much but can fire more, while the striker is the opposite), and a bunch of teams to play as and against will pique your interest. 


Check back tomorrow for the last day of indie goodness!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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