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Nintendo kicked off a special holiday House of Indies week yesterday, where a number of indie games would get spotlighted each day (like an Indie World presentation stretched out over multiple days). On day two, four more scintillating titles were shown off, a couple of which are available right now. Here’s a lowdown:




  • The Gecko Gods (2023) – a 3D action-platformer where you play as a little blue gecko as it scampers about to fight baddies and eat bugs. The gecko is also apparently equipped with nautical knowledge, as it can sail around on a boat. The details are sparse, but the animation of the eponymous gecko is extremely fluid and lifelike.
  • The Captain (Available Now) – Adventure across pixelated outer space and explore planets to encounter a variety of inhabitants and landscapes. With multiple endings for each encounter you come across, the decisions are yours to make.
  • Risk of Rain Returns (2023) – One of the most famous indie roguelikes ever made is getting a revamp. With a slickly animated trailer that shows off some stylish as heck combat (albeit not gameplay footage), this remake expands and remasters the original 2D Risk of Rain from 2013. 
  • THE PUNCHUIN (Available Now) – From Shin’en Entertainment (FAST RMX, The Touryst) comes… a game where you, as a penguin with boxing gloves, punch blocks to solve match-3 puzzles. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will. I mean, look at that all caps title. It speaks for itself.


Tune in tomorrow for even more indie game goodness!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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