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Nintendo’s special House of Indies celebration is ongoing, after two days strong. Another four titles were shown off today, including a couple now released. Here’s the lowdown again:




  • Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator (Spring 2023) – Collect herbs, mash them up, and infuse them into potions in a delightful crafting game. With a rich aesthetic and a ton of different recipes and methods of potion-making at your disposal, you’ll be making master concoctions before too long.
  • Sonority (Available Now) – A unique sound-based adventure game, wherein you slowly compose a song all your own as you progress by collecting and arranging notes. You also have to deal with a very cranky racoon who wants you gone. Shout outs to the presenter, who’s affable in his quick pitch of the game’s concepts.
  • Tin Hearts (April 20th, 2023) – A game where you march a battalion of toy soldiers towards their destination, in what seems like a spiritual successor to Mario vs. Donkey Kong games. You’ll arrange pathways, bypass obstacles, and occasionally control a lone rogue soldier who manipulates the environment so the others can keep marching right along.
  • Sail Forth (Available Now) – Journey on the open sea with shipbuilding, exploration, and man of war-a-man of war combat. The ocean is full of mysteries and fantastical possibilities, leaving wide open possibilities for what you might find on those choppy waters.


Tune in tomorrow for more indie goodness!


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