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It looks like what the Blue Blur sped towards this time was success – Sonic Frontiers has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide in the month or so since release, making it the most successful Sonic title in some time.



Sales numbers for the series vary depending on sources, but according to Wikipedia (which appears to be the most diligently referenced), this would make Frontiers the best-selling Sonic game in almost 20 years, since Sonic Heroes’ 3.41 million copies, though Frontiers’ numbers are only a tad better than Sonic Unleashed (2.45 million copies) and Sonic Colors (2.18 million). But of course, Frontiers’ numbers could go even higher, propelled by recent successful movie adaptations and positive fan response.

Frontiers could very well end up the most successful 3D Sonic game of all-time, though its chances of surpassing the Genesis games’ sales (15 million for the first game… not counting ports) seems unlikely to say the least. But with free DLC on the horizon, this game will have legs going forward. We’ll just have to see how far it runs.


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