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Last week, Nintendo showed off a couple areas in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, namely the Millick Meadows and Eagus Wilderness. Now they’ve spilled the beans on two more areas in the game. The first is Great Cotte Falls, a watery lakeside with a very large waterfall. It seems the most “original” of all the Xenoblade 3 areas so far, but you can see it pull elements from Bionis’ Shoulder, Gormott, and of course the Great Makna Falls — alongside what appears to be a dilapidated, overgrowth-strewn office building:



The second area is the Maktha Wildwood. Its name is quite similar to Xenoblade Chronicles’ Makna Forest, and contains the same lush greenery and wildlife… but it also contains that same style of dilapidated skyscraper, along with wider stretches of sky. Is this game subtly invoking the NieR Automata/Kirby and the Forgotten Land aesthetic of a post-post-apocalypse? It makes us wonder.



It’s unclear if any other areas in the game will be shown off before launch, although at least a couple more seems like a safe bet — even if this two-per-week pace won’t last forever. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches on July 29th.

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