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The Xenoblade series has colorful characters, beautiful music, and hundreds of hours of gameplay, but what the series is truly iconic for is its sweeping vistas and massive zones teeming with monsters that are probably 60 levels higher than you. Nintendo UK has given us a sneak peek at some of Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s areas, which look as grand as the past couple games — literally, as the environments largely appear infused from both.



First is Millick Meadows, a wide, sprawling set of hills and valleys in verdure. A river flows through the place, which we can presume to be the first wide open area given its strong resemblance to Gormott and particularly Bionis Leg/Gaur Plains.



Second is the Eagus Wilderness, which looks a bit like a mashup of Sword Valley and Mor Ardain. With dusty rock bluffs and dry confines, particular attention is drawn to the “giant  mechanical finger,” which obviously belongs to the fallen Mechonis.

Both of these are sure to be wonderful places to explore with some bangin tunes. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches on July 29th.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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