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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope has had a wild reveal cycle, to say the least. After being heavily speculated on for months, then accidentally leaked by Nintendo themselves mere hours before being officially revealed at the Ubisoft Forward E3 showcase, it’s a surprise that the trailer for the game didn’t appear in some shaky-cam Twitter leak at some point. Thankfully, the Rabbid is out of the washer on this one, and we can finally start getting excited for more content from one of the most unlikely crossovers in Nintendo history!

Shortly after the game’s reveal, a developer interview was shared that features a deeper look at both the development of, and features in, the latest strategy adventure from Ubisoft. The discussion covered a variety of topics ranging from why the team chose outer space for the new game’s setting, to the new adversaries and allies we’ll meet within the title such as the Sparks — a group of Luma and Rabbid hybrid creatures with strange cosmic abilities.



The developers interviewed in this deep-dive were Associate Producer Cristina Nava, Lead Producer Xavier Manzanares, and of course, the creative director with a heart of gold: Davide Soliani, who shared his passion and excitement for the Mario + Rabbids franchise and its fan base.



While there’s still so much more to learn about this new interplanetary sequel between now and its launch sometime next year, it’s already abundantly clear that it shares all the same happy energy and pure Nintendo magic as its predecessor.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will land on Nintendo Switch in 2022, and is available to wishlist now on the eShop.


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