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As lovely as Bandai Namco’s continued Tales of attention has been, these latest two videos mark a turning point for the series. Tales of Graces was the last in the series to be developed for a Nintendo console, releasing exclusively on the Wii in Japan before expanding and porting to PS3 – the version we received overseas.



Based on friendships and the bonds between people, it brought a fast-paced take on the series’ combat. Asbel Lhant and company may not get much attention (except perhaps fellow main character Sophie), but it’s still good to see them again.



Above we see the start of the “modern” Tales of era. Tales of Xillia was not only a return to PlayStation as a primary home for the series, it saw a greater localization push and success. Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell each received their own storyline here, and shared the lead role in a tale of spirits, technology, and dual worlds. Despite being familiar ground for the series, it worked and did well enough to warrant a direct sequel.

While there are still a few Tales of games to go in Bandai Namco’s 25th Anniversary videos, this marks the end of Nintendo entries, save for re-releases. Though the upcoming Tales of Arise isn’t planned for Switch, here’s hoping the series makes a Nintendo return in some form soon.

You can check out our previous coverage of the Tales of 25th Anniversary videos below:



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