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A port of the Wii U exclusive game The Wonderful 101 is reportedly headed to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 through a yet-to-be-announced Kickstarter campaign.

Gaming YouTube channel GameXplain broke the news, citing two anonymous sources that helped independently verify rumors that had been circulating about the game yesterday.



According to GameXplain’s Steve Bowling (who narrates the video), its second source discovered a Kickstarter page allegedly belonging to The Wonderful 101 developer PlatinumGames; GameXplain does note that it’s possible this page could be fake and not officially set up by the company at all.

The video published by GameXplain references a tweet posted yesterday by PlatinumGames in which the numbers “101” are seemingly teased through the date and time on game designer Hideki Kamiya’s monitor; additionally, a Nintendo Switch system can be spotted on the right.



This sparked some online discussion about whether PlatinumGames was teasing more The Wonderful 101 content in some form on Switch.

GameXplain also references a 4chan post that originally “leaked” details about a The Wonderful 101 port yesterday, including a February 3rd, 2020 announcement date, versions coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, plus the project being financed by a Kickstarter campaign.



GameXplain notes that its source could not confirm an Xbox One version of the game is coming, but that there “will be Switch and PS4 ports at minimum.”

“Whether the rest of the [4chan post] details pan out remains to be seen,” Bowling adds.

The action-adventure/hack-and-slash game The Wonderful 101 originally launched on Wii U in 2013 and received generally positive reviews from critics.

In the years following the Nintendo Switch’s launch, developer PlatinumGames has apparently teased the game’s arrival on the platform and even so far as outright brought up the idea of porting the game to Switch.

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