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Grab your weapon of choice and get ready to spend hours on hours in Kamura Village! Monster Hunter Rise is officially here, and we’ve had the chance to play through its quests and take on most of what it has to offer at launch. It’s definitely a lengthy journey from up and coming to High Rank hero, and we’re here to break down that just how long it takes to beat Monster Hunter Rise.

One important thing to note, though, is that Monster Hunter Rise will have multiple free content updates. While those will likely exist outside of the game’s main story and not affect these numbers much. Likewise, MonHun games don’t really “end.” They encourage putting together multiple armor sets and weapons, and running through hunts with friends online (and random drops for materials) only increases that replayability further.

Put another way, Monster Hunter Rise can last as long as you want it to.


How long does it take to beat Monster Hunter Rise? 



If you’re fresh to the series or prefer going alone, Rise’s Village quests are the perfect place to start. These can be accessed from Hinoa at the Village Quest Counter. The quests are arranged into tiers based on difficulty, designated by stars. 

To complete Monster Hunter Rise’s Village quests and see the game’s credits, you’ll need to clear the five star quest titled Comeuppance. Doing so took us about 15 hours. This was with some extra side quests (to unlock new flavors of dango and Sub-Camps, for example), though without much grinding. Depending on your weapon, play style, and experience with the series this number could be potentially higher or lower. That said, we feel confident in it as a representation.

Lastly, even after the credits roll, there will be some Village quests unlocked featuring new monsters for the solo content! That’s to say, they’re new if you’ve only played solo – these same monsters can also be found in Hub quests.   


How long does it take to reach High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise? 



Veterans will know that Monster Hunter separates its Hub quests into “Low” and “High” Rank. These also follow star rankings, with one through three star being Low Rank and four through seven being High Rank. You’ll find these at the Gathering Hub via the Hub Quest Counter. You do not need to complete any Village/solo content to access Hub quests, nor do you need to play Hub quests with other players – though with its monsters having larger health pools it’s recommended you do one or the other. 

Speaking personally, we went through the full solo questline before diving into Hub quests. This meant we had some decent armor and familiarity with Rise’s monsters right out of the gate in Hub. Completing Low Rank will require you to take on a Rampage before graduating on to High Rank. At this point, we had played for about 30 hours, meaning Low Rank took about 15 hours as well.

Again, this number could fluctuate. If you’re playing with a dedicated and coordinated group of players you may get through much quicker, not to mention the variability of weapons and armor being a factor here as well. These numbers come almost entirely from playing solo.


How long does it take to clear High Rank Hub quests in Monster Hunter Rise?



Once you start playing High Rank quests (also via the Gathering Hub), you’ll find yourself facing off with familiar monsters, but with new and more damaging attacks and much more health. It’s at this point that upgrading armor a bit more regularly and having some variety in weapons to handle monster weaknesses will start to shift from optimal to highly suggested. That means more grinding, and even greater variance in potential clear time. 

To our best estimate (and again, from primarily playing solo due to limited pre-release server access), clearing High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise will take about 55 hours. If we find this number to be off once we start playing more online and test out different weapons, we may update this number.

If you use our earlier numbers, that means High Rank is about 25 hours on its own. Even setting aside difficulty, by this point you’ll have greater access to things like Decorations and more side quests to complete. These can ramp up (or if you ignore them, decrease) these numbers even more on top of that.


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