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Kirby and the Forgotten Land releases soon! Our guide below lists off the retailers where you can place your pre-orders, as well as the pre-order bonuses currently available.


When does Kirby and the Forgotten Land release?


Kirby and the Forgotten Land has a release date of March 25th, 2022. 


Are there any pre-order bonuses for Kirby and the Forgotten Land?


GameStop is offering a free pin set as a pre-order bonus for buyers.



Those who pre-order from Walmart will receive a free popsocket as a bonus.


Pre-orders at Target will include this adorable Kirby pouch. (Via Target’s weekly ad.)



Fans in Hong Kong will be able to receive a Mouthful Mode inspired backpack cover!



It’s also worth noting that, at least in Japan, all four Kirby series amiibo as well as the Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede Super Smash Bros. amiibo, have been restocked in anticipation of this release.


Is there an eShop demo for Kirby and the Forgotten Land?


A Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo is now available in the Switch eShop!

We got a preview of the demo (which included two stages and a boss fight) and you can read all about our experience with it in our full preview.



The following retailers are currently taking pre-orders for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.



Accessories and amiibo




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