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Many things from Kirby and the Forgotten Land have made an impact ahead of the game’s launch, but none more so than Mouthful Mode. This new kind of power-up is as strange as it is adorable, letting Kirby make the most of objects he discovers in this strange new world.

Read on to learn what these Mouthful Modes are and how they help Kirby on his latest, 30th anniversary adventure! 


Car Mouth


The form that started it all, Car Mouth was the very first Mouthful Mode introduced and one Kirby will get to try early on in the Forgotten Land. This will let you get around quicker, break through barriers and other obstacles, and gives Bandana Dee a convenient place to toss spears from in co-op.



Vending Mouth


Oh Kirby, that’s not how snacks work…

Whatever his intent, gobbling up an entire vending machine lets the pink puffball fire off cans of juice as projectiles. The amount you can shoot is finite, but the cans can be picked back up once fired to reload. This is another one that’s helpful for breaking barriers and accessing hidden areas. 



Cone Mouth 


I had no idea a parking cone could wield such power, yet here we are. Cone Mouth might slow Kirby down, but it allows him to drop down pointy end first from above once airborne. This is great both for defeating enemies and digging up secret spots. Keep an eye out for cracks beneath your feet or in the environment to find new paths through stages. 



Dome Mouth


Kirby is already a round boy, but sometimes you really want to embrace that fact. If you find spherical water tanks around, you can inhale those to take on their contour. Doing so will let you wiggle around and pop the orb open, revealing secrets and prizes inside. Lucky you!




Scissor-Lift Mouth


Need to get up high but also have a fondness for industrial machinery designed for elevated labor? Look no further than Scissor-Lift Mouth, which will let Kirby raise himself upward before spitting the form out, traveling upward and making it look easy. 



Pipe Mouth


You’d think finding a large, tubular pipe at the top of a steep hill would deter one from swallowing it and taking on its properties. You’d be wrong though, as Kirby’s up to the task! Pipe Mouth lets you roll down slopes with ease.



Ring Mouth 


We applaud Kirby for how well he can inhale, but let’s take a moment to celebrate the reverse. With Ring Mouth, you can exhale huge gusts from Kirby’s mouth that are useful for exploration and propelling rafts.



Arch Mouth


Traveling through the sky becomes a breeze using Arch Mouth, letting Kirby glide freely across open expanses. His usual and floatier aerial propulsion might be absent from Forgotten Land, but with this Mode you’ll even be able to do a barrel roll. 



Light-Bulb Mouth


This might just be the cutest one of them all! Kirby’s been a source of illumination before, and was even a lightbulb at one time, but now he can waddle around in the shape of one. Using Light-Bulb Mouth will let you see in dark areas and traverse them safe as can be for someone with a mouth full of glass. 



Water-Balloon Mouth


Thirsty? Find yourself an innocuous water spout to grab a drink from and find yourself expanded to a grander, squishier size! You’ll be able to clean up sludge and other, icky paint-like stains using your hypertonic state. 



Stairs Mouth


Swallow an entire staircase? Why not! By doing so you’ll not only be able to shift the entire structure, you’ll be able to crush any enemies who dare stand before you. It’s functional, and powerful.  



Roller Coaster Mouth


Seen in a few pre-release videos, this one’s sure to get Kirby moving fast! While it’ll be (presumably) locked to a track, it’s sure to be one of the speediest means of traversal you’ll find. Why not give your friends a ride while you’re at it?



Storage Mouth


Spotted in a gameplay video, Storage Mouth is what happens when Kirby comes across a suspicious looking set of coin lockers. By taking the entire wall of them into his malleable maw, you’ll be able to remove them and find out what’s in store behind them. 



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