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It may be launching next month, but Kirby and the Forgotten Land still has plenty of surprises in store. While we’ve seen a handful of copy abilities and features, for today’s Nintendo Direct we got a real mouthful instead…



Yes, the versatile pink puffball has a new kind of technique to discover — Mouthful Mode! Various objects you’ll come across will allow Kirby to inhale them, but are a little tougher to swallow. Instead, he’ll form around them and take their shape, with the ability introduced via the wholly ridiculous and yet extra endearing Car Mouth mode. 



Some of these appear to replicate aspects of past abilities, with Car Mouth bringing Wheel to mind, but Mouthful Mode is mentioned as being fully distinct from Kirby’s trademark Copy Ability — it even has its own sound effect! So far the shown-off Mouthful Modes include the following:


  • Car Mouth
  • Vending Mouth
  • Cone Mouth
  • Scissor-Lift Mouth
  • Ring Mouth
  • Light-Bulb Mouth
  • Arch Mouth
  • Water-Balloon Mouth


It’s a curious little gimmick that plays up Kirby’s physiology (or…lack thereof?) while almost “capturing” the spirit of something you’d find in Super Mario Odyssey. 

Waddle Dee Town also got some attention in this Nintendo Direct trailer. We already knew that the location would grow and develop as you rescue Waddle Dees, but we saw what could very well be this game’s Arena along with a new and exciting feature — upgradable copy abilities!



Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop will allow you to invest in your abilities, improving them and changing up their hats. For example, Fire can become Volcano, which can then go on to become Dragon. These all carry pyrotechnic possibilities, but increase in potency and scale as you go. All abilities appear to have this mechanic, granting Kirby a wider and growing arsenal. He’ll need it to take on the Beast Pack, which now includes a shadowy figure in a familiar coat…

Could it be King Dedede making his first appearance in Forgotten Land? Who knows, but we’ll find out if his hammer’s ready to clobber that there Kirby when this all-new adventure comes to Nintendo Switch on March 25th. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon today!





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Written by Ricky Berg

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