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During the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase on February 21st, 2024, Capcom announced a new edition of its 3DS spinoff RPG, Monster Hunter Stories. This remastered version of the game includes new features and updates, such as English voice acting and the museum features Capcom has become known for in many re-release titles.

While Monster Hunter Stories was announced during the Nintendo Direct, this remaster is also on the way for other platforms, including PC and PlayStation 4. You can check out the full trailer from Capcom right here:



What’s new about Monster Hunter Stories on Switch?


The biggest selling point of course is updated visuals. The original game released on the 3DS in 2016, so it wasn’t exactly high-resolution. A newer port did eventually come to mobile, but it’s more of a direct port than a remaster. So even if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber who already has access to Monster Hunter Stories+, you may still be interested in checking this out.



That’s because in addition to the visuals, features we haven’t seen before are a part of the package. Full English voice acting will be available for Monster Hunter Stories for the first time, for example. A museum full of concept art and other goodies, a trademark of modern Capcom remasters, is also included. 

Finally, content that was exclusive to Japan will be available. This stuff, which includes new monsters and additional cosmetic options for the player, was added in post-launch updates to the 3DS original. These items never made it to the 3DS version in North America, nor did the later mobile port see it either.


When will the Monster Hunter Stories port release?


A new website has been launched for Monster Hunter Stories, wherein you can see the new content in further detail — so make sure to check it out!

Monster Hunter Stories will arrive in Summer 2024, at a yet to be determined price point. 


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