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Another day, another Switch 2 rumor. In a recent late-night report by Bloomberg, it has been suggested that the Nintendo Switch 2 is slated for a release later this year, featuring an 8-inch LCD screen. The report cites Hiroshi Hayase, an Omdia analyst who specializes in research on small and medium-sized LCD panels.

While the report brings up a 2024 release date and the size of the LCD panel, no additional details were provided. If this report holds weight, the news that Nintendo is moving back to LCD technology instead of the more vibrant OLED screens used in the Switch OLED for over two years may rub some Nintendo fans the wrong way. However, this move, if true, is likely a strategy to keep the Switch 2’s price low at launch (and possibly a way to sell us a mid-generation upgrade down the line).

The Switch OLED compared to the rumored Switch 2's 8 inch LCD screen

Switch OLED vs reported Switch 2.


Apart from the reported LCD screen, we need to discuss the reported increase in screen size. The original Switch was equipped with a 6.2-inch, 720p LCD panel, while the Switch OLED elevated the screen size to 7 inches. If Bloomberg’s report is accurate, an 8-inch screen is a significant upgrade (if big screens are your thing, that is). While it may seem relatively insignificant on paper, a side-by-side comparison really paints the real picture. (Check out our mock-up above for what you can expect.) There are no reports of the resolution of the new tablet, but I think it’s likely that Nintendo will finally give us the 1080p bump we’ve been clamoring for.


What else do we know about the Switch 2?


What else do we know about the Switch 2? Well, nothing officially. Loads of rumors and inside information have been reported over the past six months, but Nintendo hasn’t commented on a single one of them. Back in September, a rumor circulated that Nintendo was showing off hardware to developers at Gamescom and the new hardware would feature backwards compatibility, a camera, and even a port of Final Fantasy VII Remake. How much of this is true is a mystery, but here’s hoping Nintendo puts us out of our misery and releases some official details in the coming months. Stay tuned!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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