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As we find ourselves in the latter half of 2023, it’s evident that the steady stream of rumors surrounding the Switch 2 / Switch Pro refuses to stop. However, unlike previous leaks and rumors, this latest batch in particular appears to have some legs to stand on. Yesterday, the renowned leaker Im a Hero Too, previously responsible for accurate leaks related to Persona 3 Remake, made some rather ambitious assertions on Reddit regarding Nintendo’s upcoming successor to the Switch. These claims include features such as backward compatibility, the inclusion of a camera function, and even the possibility of Final Fantasy VII Remake serving as a launch title. As customary in such cases, it’s important to treat all information from this point onward as unverified speculation.



First up, according to the leak, Switch 2 devkits have apparently been with developers for some time — supporting both a new cartridge type and backwards compatibly with Switch games. (Think DS and 3DS cartridges. Different carts, but both work on the 3DS.) The console will also include a new camera system of some kind.



Next, Square Enix has already stared the porting process of Final Fantasy VII Remake to the Nintendo Switch 2, with claims that it there are claims that it “looks and runs like a PS5 game.” The game is also rumored to be a launch title for the Switch 2, whenever that may be.

Additionally, I’m a Hero Too has shared some additional rumors regarding upcoming projects from both Sega and Square Enix. These rumors include the revival of Jet Set Radio, a new Sonic title, and a plethora of Final Fantasy titles. For a comprehensive look at these rumors, be sure to explore the complete Reddit thread. You can find the juicer rumors below:



– Another Sonic is coming next year, along with Jet Set, Comix Zone and a new Guardian Heroes (not sure on the date for that one)

-Persona 6 is a bit further away than last time I updated. I don’t think it’s making 2024 (original plan was reveal last winter)

-There is another Persona game yet to be revealed, it’s a party game


-FF9 remake WAS summer 2024, not sure about that anymore, game needs some polishing, that’s about it

-FF7R2 ends with a new protag set up for part 3. Take your guesses what happens.

-X remake/X3 has a skeleton crew, it is NOT making it’s anniversary

-Square has new PS5 devkits, we’re assuming these are the “Pro”



Regarding the elusive Switch 2, only time will unveil when we can expect an official announcement.


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Written by Jason Ganos

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