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Surprising nobody, rumors and speculation about the Switch’s successor, theoretically the “Switch 2” are already in full swing for the new year. In’s annual analyst predictions for 2024, Dr. Serkan Toto, founder of games industry consulting firm Kantan Games, is predicting that the Switch’s successor will launch this year, and that it will be an “iteration rather than a revolution,” stating that any new console we see will be similar to the current Nintendo Switch, albeit with some bells and whistles, and that retaining portability is all but guaranteed for Pokémon’s sake.

Dr. Toto also predicts that when the Switch 2 launches it will be priced at $400, and that there is a “high chance” that games will cost more than they currently do, throwing out a figure of $70. Interestingly, Toto also insists that the long-rumored, never-seen Switch Pro was indeed real and that several developers were working with dev kits before the project was scrapped.



Dr. Toto’s insistence that the Switch Pro was real and separate from the Switch 2 may stem from his historic statement that there was “no doubt in [his] mind” that Nintendo would launch the Switch Pro in 2020. Nintendo, of course, launched the Switch Lite in 2020 rather than the Switch Pro.

Other predictions made by Dr. Toto over the years include the “active development” of Mario Kart 9 and a long-running claim that there are more Nintendo mobile games in the works, both of which we have yet to see come to fruition. Way back in 2016 he claimed that a Smash Bros. title was in the works for the Switch, then codenamed the NX, which was correct, though he stated it would be a launch title, which was not the case.

As with all rumors and speculation, please take these predictions with a grain of salt and treat them as exactly what they are, predictions, not facts. Once there is any sort official of word or announcement of the Switch 2 from Nintendo, you can be sure you’ll find it right here on Nintendo Wire.


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