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You may be familiar with Psyonix’s wildly popular live service sports game, Rocket League. Tomorrow, worlds collide as Epic Games’ Fortnite exclusively introduces Psyonix’s latest creation, Rocket Racing, an arcade racer that focuses on acrobatic maneuvers. 

The style of movement should be familiar to anyone who has ever front-flipped to score a goal in Rocket League. It looks like racing on the ceiling will also be a focal point to getting ahead of the competition. Races should be full of high-flying stunts and high speeds. 

The new mode launches tomorrow, December 8th 2023, exclusively through season 5 of Fortnite on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch. 



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Written by Matthew Powers

Nintendo has been Matthew’s preference for fun video gaming since 2004. In addition to his love for all things Mario, Metroid and beyond, Matthew also enjoys heavy metal, roller coasters, pinball machines, and being a proud cat dad.