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During last week’s Nintendo Direct, Game Boy emulation was announced for Nintendo Switch Online members, in line with other consoles like the NES, SNES, and N64. While a who’s who of GB classics were announced in the initial lineup, there were one (or rather, three) conspicuous absence(s) – Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. But a rumor involving the already NSO-released Pokémon Stadium has people wondering if the games are coming to the service sooner rather than later.

In the latest NSO + Expansion Pass video from Japan (which details all the benefits of the service), several games from the N64 emulator are briefly shown – one of which is Pokémon Stadium. Previously, the title always featured a disclaimer that you couldn’t transfer Pokémon from other games (aka GB Gen I games) to use in Stadium. But now that disclaimer is conspicuously absent, and with the Game Boy emulator now in play, people can’t help but wonder if that means something. Could Stadium now feature that functionality due to some clever programming finesse? And could that mean Gen I games are indeed coming to Nintendo Switch?



If they are anytime soon, we’ll know on January 27th, which is Pokémon Day, when basically all Poké-related announcements are made. It’d certainly be a great time to announce such a thing, and we’ll report on it first thing if/when it happens.





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