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Get ready, Fire Emblem and amiibo fans! Fire Emblem Engage is releasing on January 20th, and the good folks at Nintendo have ensured that amiibo will play a role, although a relatively small one. According to the official Fire Emblem Engage Japanese website, you can expect the following functionality at launch:

Tapping a “compatible” amiibo at the “amiibo gazebo” will grant players costumes and music from a corresponding Fire Emblem character. For example, tapping in a Lucina amiibo will get you a Lucina costume and a Lucina themed music track.

The Japanese site also mentions something called a “Connection Ticket” that will be granted, but at the moment, we don’t have a lot of details on what this ticket will do. Luckily, it looks like every Fire Emblem amiibo released to date is confirmed to have functionality. Once you receive each amiibo’s corresponding items, tapping the amiibo again will simply award you a random item. Check out the full list of compatible amiibo below!



All other amiibo are confirmed to have functionality as well, but all they’ll give you are random items. Nothing too fancy, but it’s the thought that counts.

If you’re on the lookout for some Fire Emblem amiibo to use in Engage, you’re in luck! Re-releases of the extremely rare Corrin Player 2 and Marth amiibo have been confirmed for launch. You can pre-order them right now at the following retailers:







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