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The days of interesting amiibo support are, by and large, long past us – but some are keeping the flame alive. The upcoming Fire Emblem Engage will feature pretty basic amiibo support for any amiibo that you tap in, earning you “useful adventure items” (presumably vulneraries, weapons, stuff like that). If you do tap in a Fire Emblem amiibo specifically, however, you get special goodies: soundtracks and costumes from previous games.



What’s more, it’s clear the costumes won’t have a one-to-one correlation with the amiibo tapped. Alear in the video is wearing the costume of Micaiah from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, who doesn’t have an amiibo – perhaps it’ll be earned by tapping Ike’s? We’ll have to see. There also appears to be some sort of voucher system in play, perhaps to help those who don’t have the amiibo. Let’s hope for more details soon.

Fire Emblem Engage launches January 20th. Looking to secure your copy? Check out the list of retailers you can buy the game from in our pre-order guide!


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