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Is it time for the crystal comeback? The Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, which all released on Steam earlier this year, appear to be headed to both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with listings on the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB, the rating body of the US) showing the games as arriving on the Switch.



Such an event would be monumental. All six games originally debuted on the NES or SNES back in the day, and it would mark a return to a Nintendo platform after a long, long absence. Ports and remakes graced Nintendo handhelds (namely the GBA and DS) as well as Virtual Console on Wii and the NES/SNES Classics, but there hasn’t been a time when all six games were available on the same Nintendo console before. And they’re some of the best ever made. We were singing the praises of Final Fantasy V just recently. Let’s hope this is real.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

A writer and Nintendo fan based in Seattle, Washington. When not working for NinWire, she can be found eating pasta, writing stories, and wondering about when Mother 3 is finally going to get an official localization.