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Update (11/23/22): Nintendo of America has shared the English version of the Emblem and character trailer! Check it out:




We’re less than two months away from the release of Fire Emblem Engage, and the information keeps marching out — this time in the form of an over five minute video from Fire Emblem Japan (naturally in Japanese) explaining a bit more about the Emblem system, which also happens to contain a peek at new characters and more.



Besides the previously revealed Marth, Celica, and Sigurd, who all get a bit of spotlight and explanation of their abilities, the trailer also debuts three more past Fire Emblem Lords who return as Emblems in Engage: Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates, Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses, and Lyn from Fire Emblem Blazing Blade (aka Fire Emblem GBA, aka Fire Emblem 7). Each one has unique skills both in combat as well as around the field (for example, equipping Sigurd boosts your movement range due to his horse), as well as super moves of a sort.

While this was the focus of the video, we also saw quite a few characters we hadn’t seen before. Serenes Forest has done a fantastic job chronicling them all, along with a host of other tidbits about their classes:


The official Japanese website has also updated with Engage information, including characters, names, and world-building info. We’ve also got names on a few characters shown in last week’s Engage video, thanks to subtitles: Timerra, Fogato, Ivy, and Hortensia. All are playable.



Hopefully the Emblem trailer gets translated into English soon. Fire Emblem Engage launches on January 20th, 2023.

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