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Sonic the Hedgehog as a series has almost never disappointed when it comes to music. Almost. One of the longest running contributors to that legacy has been Tomoya Ohtani, dating all the way back to Sonic Adventure 2’s legendary “Pumpkin Hill” track, among others. 

As lead composer of the fast-approaching Sonic Frontiers, it’s only fitting that Sega shares some of his insight to the game’s music as well as details from his past and present with the franchise. 



The most interesting details for me personally are how he describes his approach to Frontiers’ musical style. Citing the Open Zone gameplay (specifically on the now frequently previewed Kronos Island) he mentions keywords like “sadness, mysteriousness, and desolation” all informing the piano-driven sound. It’s not where my head immediately goes when it comes to Sonic music, but it’s intriguing and has me more excited for the November 8th release

The full, nearly ten minute interview is well worth a watch. Not just for the details on Sonic Frontiers and tidbits from Ohtani, but for the shoutout to the often overlooked gem from Adventure 2 that is “Aquatic Mine.”


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Written by Ricky Berg

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