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We’re only a couple weeks out from the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Nintendo is still showcasing some of the game’s banging tunes for our aural pleasure. This week we have a preview of the track that plays in Millick Meadows, the game’s first big starting zone. 



Much like Bionis’ Leg and Gormott, the similarly grassy starting areas of the last two games, the “Millick Meadows” track features a high amount of grandiosity and bombast, smoothened by moments of calm majesty. And, like other XBC3 tracks so far, the flute is a highlight, coming in near the end of the sample to soothe the track’s energy. We can’t wait to hear the full game OST.

And we won’t have to wait long — Xenoblade Chronicles 3 releases July 29th. 

Looking to secure a copy? Check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-order guide to view a list of retailers!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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