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Each passing week brings us closer and closer to the release of the latest entry in one of my favorite Nintendo franchises, Splatoon 3. As we get close to release, more information is becoming available, and today’s news is a big confirmation. The researchers at the Squid Research Lab have been able to confirm that every basic weapon from the previous two games will be making a return in the third installment, with a graphic showing off several weapons including the Aerospray, Sploosh-o-Matic, N-Zap, and more.



A quick series of tweets went into a bit more detail on the updated versions of three other shooter-style weapons returning to Splatoon 3, the Splattershot, the Splattershot Junior, and the .96 Gal. These tweets offer a refresher on how these weapons work, and include some high quality 360-degree views of the new models.

Each day inks us closer to Splatoon 3’s launch, and hopefully we’ll get a better look at the updates to some other weapon types sooner rather than later — but only time will tell.

Don’t forget, Splatoon 3 will be launching on September 9th for Nintendo Switch. You can check out a list of retailers you can order from in our pre-order guide!


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