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A year on from the launch of Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition, support for the game is still going strong. Developer Christophe Galati recently took to Steam to announce some exciting updates for the game, which also made their way to the Nintendo Switch version.

The biggest addition to the game is an all-new Japanese localization, which was handled by Tokyo-based company 8-4. This new localization is said to be improved over the previous Japanese script as it now includes kanji characters as well as kana characters. 



The dialogue box will now also display the speaker’s name to help players memorize the game’s characters. Some typos will be fixed, and the patch notes (below) address a number of known glitches:


  • Fixed the king’s death message reappearing issue
  • Fixed the sage item disappearing issue if the player leaves the house (until re-entering the town)
  • Fixed the switch hidden behind the HUD issue in Octopus Temple
  • Fixed an issue that occurred in the volcano dungeon lava area
  • Fixed the soft lock issue in Octopus Temple
  • Fixed the Konami code room camera issue


Last month we reported that a physical version of Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition is planned for the Nintendo Switch in North America. Limited Run Games will distribute the game as well as various bundles, including an official soundtrack CD and an adorable Mr Tako plush. Pre-orders are now open, and while the plush bundles have now sold out, it is still available to purchase separately. There are currently no plans for physical editions for Japan or Europe, but the announcement notes that “the North American versions will have Japanese and French localizations on the game card for those who would like to import from overseas.”



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