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Originally released in 2018, Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-san by Christophe Galati is back, patched, and under a new title – Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition. This love letter to the original Game Boy era of 2D platformers and JRPGs received mixed reviews at launch, with Nintendo Wire’s own Ricky Berg concluding that the game was full of charm and heart, but was in need of a bit more polish in terms of the game’s camera, controls, and difficulty. The game’s creator agreed with such reviews and set to work on a major patch that would address every issue the base game had from camera problems and enemy placement, to level design and difficulty balancing.

In the midst of the development on the patch, Galati parted ways with the game’s original publisher Nicalis, and as a result, the game was unfortunately delisted from the Nintendo eShop and Steam. Unable to patch the original game further, Galati instead decided to roll the progress on the patch into a full re-release on both platforms, and work began on Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition.



To celebrate the release, Galati posted an in-depth look at the game’s development over on their official Patreon page:


“That’s why we have been working hard to improve the game even more than the original patch so it’s worth being repurchased, leading to it being renamed: “Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition”. As time passed, I could see the game with a fresh eye and find many aspects I could put more thoughts into. I want to thank all the people who supported the original version of the game and gave me precious feedback, and also to all the people who helped me playtest the update. The goal with this new version is to make the game more accessible so more people can enjoy its story, and to make it go from hidden gem to indie classic.”


Alongside the digital release of the game, Galati and Limited Run Games have also announced that a physical version of the game is in the works!


Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition has finally made its triumphant return to the Switch and is available now for $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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