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Takashi Tokita is nothing short of a legend, having directed the timeless Chrono Trigger as well as Parasite Eve and, of course, Live A Live. Tokita recently sat down with Famitsu to discuss the new port, and we have a brief excerpt where Tokita discusses how the remake came to be (translation courtesy of Nintendo Everything).

Tokita’s apparently pushed for a sequel or remake to Live A Live many times but things never quite worked out until now. A big reason the remake is going forward now is because Tokita’s devs joined up with Tomoya Asano’s team (responsible for Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy) for a project and began to wonder if HD-2D (the style of OT and TS, where pixel art characters are put into a quasi-3D environment with detailed lighting and particle effects) would work for a Live A Live remake. Tokita states that a full 3D remake would have changed too much from the original, but an HD-2D remake allows the devs to emphasize variety between the time periods and keep the pixel art charm.

We’ll be sure to publish more of Tokita’s interview as it releases, but this is already an enticing nugget. Live A Live releases July 22nd, 2022.



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